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Why Microsoft Dynamic 365 Customer Voice for your Staffing Agency?

Microsoft Dynamics 365

Dynamic 365 Customer Voice is an enterprise grade feedback solution fully integrated into the staffing software, 1Staff’s core platform, Dynamics 365. Customer Voice is here to help you immediately engage with your customers and talent with ready-to-use survey templates, continuously track sentiment, and visualize insights based on real-time feedback. Its built-in integration capabilities enable survey results to connect into 1Staff workflows, insights dashboards, and Microsoft best in class AI analytics tools to build a unified view of your customers.

Stay Connected

As COVID-19 pushes us into a digital world, it is critical that Staffing companies stay connected with their customers and talent, both current and prospective, to track relationship health, as well as to respond and adapt to new needs and pain points.

Empower your Organization

Customer Voice empowers organizations to always stay connected with their customers and uncover what truly drives customer satisfaction without the unnecessary costs or complexity.

1Staff Survey Satisfaction and Sentiment Analysis with Microsoft Customer Voice.


PART 1 – 1Staff Survey Satisfaction and Sentiment Analysis with Microsoft Customer Voice

Watch our short video to see how Microsoft Customer Voice can help your staffing agency create intuitive surveys, and how to deploy them to a prospective candidate, customer or vendor.

Watch Demo Video Part 2
Deploy a 1Staff Customer or Talent Voice Survey to gain feedback and insight, for example, from your:

  • Talent – about the performance of your registration / onboarding processes, the application and placement experience, or for a post assignment evaluation.
  • Customers – about your sales and account management performance.
  • Staff – feedback, ideation, is critical to optimize your human capital.
  • Vendors and alliances – staffing business thrives on strong alliances and vendor relationships, tap into feedback and insight to a broader level

What are the benefits of Survey Satisfaction & Sentiment analysis with Microsoft Customer Voice?


PART 2 – 1Staff Survey Satisfaction and Sentiment Analysis with Microsoft Customer Voice

This short video shows you how to complete a survey, how intuitive the process is, and takes a look at the analytics.

Watch Demo Video Part 1
BLOG – Benefits of Microsoft Customer Voice for your staffing agency.

Why do you need Microsoft Customer Voice? In this short blog we outline the main benefits for your staffing business.

Benefits of Microsoft Customer Voice

Why the Microsoft Platform.

Customer Voice is just another reason why 1Staff and the Microsoft Dynamics Platform delivers a complete staffing solution for your staffing business.

1Staff and Microsoft strongly believe our customers should own and enrich their own relationships and insights. Microsoft democratizes the design and deployment of your customer voice platform allowing non-technical users to design test and deploy surveys from with a governed framework.

We have tailored Microsoft Customer Voice software to integrate into 1Staff making it staffing relevant to your customers and talent.

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Want to find out more about Surveys, Sentiment & Satisfaction Metrics?

1Staff boosts efficiency, increases productivity, generates insights, maximises margins, and improves cash flow. Whether you are looking for a full suite of functionallity, or a robust front office or back office to integrate with your existing solution, 1Staff has you covered.

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