Microsoft Power Apps Virtual Assistant.

Save your staffing agency time by creating a 1Staff chat bot virtual agent. Here’s how.

Reduce latency and responsiveness in engaging your target audience. Help nurtured talent and prospects reach your website. Don’t lose great talent. Virtual Assistant will help keep them engaged.

Address business at scale, with elastic services, and engagement, 24/7, and with consistent measurable outcomes.

Place assistance in context, where it’s needed, when its needed. On a website, Candidate Portal or Mobile. Launched from an outbound email or text.

Digitize processes, gain efficiencies, and consistency. For example our virtual assistant captures new contact details, creating appointments, generating responses, and queuing following up actions for Recruiters.

Meet the audience expectations, Gen z, Millennials, or someone else will.

Combine human and virtual assistance, bridge interactions to generate the best outcomes, combine tacit expertise with AI and automation. The Virtual Assistant leverages the Microsoft Conversational AI platform..

Optimize and maximise your human capital and talent. Take away repetitive tasks, have qualified interactions.

Measure Engagement satisfaction, engagement, fall out rates, real time, to support a continual improvement strategy, maximise your return on investment.

Who will benefit from a automated 1Staff Chat Bot Virtual Assistant?


New & Existing Candidates

With a virtul assistant you can create an automation flow that can help your new and existing candidates to identify both the locality and area of work that they are seeking.

You can set up focussed scenarios, is the candidate seeking work, managing an existing application, regsitering their interest in a position or simple looking for contact information.

A virtual chat assistant can answer all those everyday questions helping them find answers quicker and more efficently.

Internal Assistants

Virtual assistants can be integrated into existing software, for example Teams or Slack. Helping employees to manage calendars, find meeting rooms, look for people with specific skills, or perform staffing related operations.

Watch our short video on how to create, manage and deploy your own virtual assistant onto your environment. Want to see more, go to Virtual Assistant for 1Staff Staffing Software.

It’s never been easier to get started.

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