Streamlining Staffing Solutions: Overcoming the VMS and Staffing Systems Divide.

In the dynamic landscape of staffing solutions, VMS and Staffing Systems often stand isolated, creating a cascade of challenges from inconsistencies to manual data entries. The journey from job orders to submissions, and from time and expense tracking to final billing and receipting, becomes a meticulous task. This complexity not only consumes valuable time but also introduces the potential for errors during manual data transfers between systems.

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The intricate transactions involved become a substantial burden for staffing businesses, especially those that depend on an expanding array of data sources, applications, and business systems that were not inherently designed to operate cohesively. Crafting custom integrations to bridge these systems can be technically daunting, financially steep, and challenging to sustain. As a result, staffing businesses often find themselves resorting to manual data duplication and manipulating reports and spreadsheets as a makeshift solution.

You might find yourself grappling with data quality issues, stemming from human error or the disparate ways in which various applications handle data across different formats and transaction cycles.

This discord can lead to substantial manual rework, adversely affecting business outcomes and diminishing customer satisfaction.

Introducing 1Staff Streams: Your Bridge to Seamless Integration.

1Staff Streams is designed to seamlessly connect these data sources, offering a solution that is not only simple and secure but also scalable. We understand the intricacies of managing diverse data and the critical importance of ensuring data accuracy and consistency across all platforms. With 1Staff Streams, we invite you to explore a world where your data flows effortlessly between systems, reducing manual workload, minimizing errors, and enhancing your operational efficiency.


At-a-glance understanding of the data journey.

Easy to build up the flow and evolve the complexity.

Common connectors used across disparate use cases.

Route data in multiple parallel paths with error handling.

1Staff Streams can ingest critical data to help smooth pay/bill operations, from establishing order and assignment details, to the necessary data for billing disclosure, or referential data to assist match time and receipts.

1Staff Streams can work with any source, from files to API’s and real-time data and using it to trigger workflows and automated processes.  Its capabilities are not limited to VMS and it can work anything from IOT to wider Enterprise Systems.

1Staff Streams is a modern cloud solution that is scalable, able to handle everything from weekly file uploads to enterprise payloads, and high flow through.

Connectors can be deployed fast, easy, flexible and with Low code – no code.

As the data flows through the stream in batch or real-time,  you can apply transformations, clean the data and re format it to prime it for 1Staff Front or Back Office operations and processes,

You can handle errors automatically by creating business rules for specific conditions or notifying people when rules are broken, thresholds are breached, or offending events are identified.

1Staff Streams includes a health board giving a real-time view into your process health. Get exception alerts, see trends, and identify bottlenecks faster than ever before.

Unlock Seamless Data Management with 1Staff Streams

In the intricate world of staffing solutions, data management becomes the pivotal point of all operations. 1Staff Streams is meticulously crafted to weave through the complexities, ensuring a seamless, secure, and scalable data integration across all your platforms.

Effortless Data Connectivity

  • Seamless Integration: Connect diverse data sources effortlessly, ensuring data consistency and accuracy across all platforms.
  • Versatile Compatibility: Work with any data source, from files and APIs to real-time data, and utilize it to trigger workflows and automated processes.

Enhanced Operational Efficiency

  • Minimized Manual Workload: Automate data flow between systems, reducing manual data entry and minimizing potential errors.
  • Optimized Pay/Bill Operations: Ingest critical data to streamline order, assignment details, billing disclosures, and referential data, smoothing the path from time tracking to receipts.

Innovative and Scalable Solutions

  • Beyond VMS: Not just limited to Vendor Management Systems (VMS), 1Staff Streams can integrate data from IoT to wider Enterprise Systems.
  • Scalable Cloud Solution: From weekly file uploads to handling enterprise payloads, adapt to varying data volumes with ease.

Fast and Flexible Deployment

  • Low Code – No Code: Deploy connectors swiftly and flexibly, ensuring a user-friendly experience and rapid implementation.
  • Transformative Data Management: Apply transformations, clean, and reformat data to optimize it for 1Staff Front or Back Office operations.

Automated Error Handling

  • Business Rule Application: Automatically manage errors by crafting business rules for specific conditions or sending notifications when rules are breached or specific events are identified.

Real-Time Process Health Insights

  • Health Board: Gain a real-time view into your process health, identify trends, and pinpoint bottlenecks swiftly.
  • Exception Alerts: Stay informed and proactive with alerts that notify you of exceptions, ensuring uninterrupted data flow and operations.

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1Staff is a staffing software solution built specifically for the staffing industry. 1Staff 365 Front Office is powered by Microsoft Dynamics 365. 1Staff Back Office is built on Microsoft Dynamics GP

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