Why do you need Business Intelligence for your Staffing Business?

It is easy to become disoriented when it comes to Business Intelligence (BI) software.

 The essential challenge lies in making the right decision when it comes to your choice of system. Any investment in a BI solution is a significant one, and the consequences if it all falls down can be dire to a business. Converting raw data into valuable information is what BI is all about. A well-chosen BI system will expose your organization to a new world of opportunities and improvements. You will gain powerful new insights into your business operations which will quickly translate into improved decision-making, an enhanced ability to respond to challenges, and a boost to your bottom-line.

1Staff Staffing Software powered by Microsoft

1Staff Analytics, Planning, and Power BI.

Professional Advantage’s leading enterprise staffing and recruitment solution 1Staff and our knowledge of the staffing industry helps your business achieve more from your Business Intelligence and Corporate Performance strategy.

What if you could report, plan and analyze in a single platform?

Addressing these processes in a single digital platform will give you exponential business benefits. Time saved through tangible productivity gains will free up vital resources to focus on customers and growth – you’ll make faster, more confident business decisions through timely, data driven BI insights. Our platform combining staffing and business data aligns visibility and transparency with an attractive interface for your workforce.

Professional Advantage have a 3 step approach to help you achieve your single platform.

1Staff Analytics, Planning, and Power BI. Report, plan and analyze in a single platform.
The first step is 1Staff Analytics.

The first step is 1Staff Analytics

Supercharge 1Staff Analytics with Power BI

Introducing 1Staff Planning

1Staff Analytics, Planning, and Power BI. Report, plan and analyze in a single platform.

The first step is 1Staff Analytics.

1Staff Analytics

This is the base platform for future steps and success.

1Staff Analytics exposes vital insights to help your managers pinpoint opportunities and challenges, compare performance and identify trends.

1Staff Analytics:

  • Rationalizes your staffing performance data such as margin and full burden analysis at the key dimensions of your business, for example; Company, SBU, Office, Salesperson, Customer, Job, Contract, Recruiter.
  • Provides top level views, and the ability to slice, dice, and aggregate at every level, down to the transaction.
  • Automatically accumulates data as your business transacts. That’s analytics from day 1! It provides an immediate store of data for a business to query,
    discover, and report from.
  • Includes out of the box logic for revenue and cost prediction, debt and aging performance.
  • Makes it easy for your business users to consume and use data in business
    terms. It supports easy analysis in common and familiar tools such as
    Microsoft Excel, for slice and dice and analysis, and Microsoft Report
    Services to generate and distribute structured reports cost effectively to the enterprise.
  • Systematically and reliably delivers your commission reporting, providing
    accurate and timely reports to drive and incentivize your business.
  • Scales to support data across your enterprise systems from Front Office to external pay systems.

Step 2 supercharges 1Staff Analytics with Power BI

Microsoft Power BI

Microsoft’s Power BI is the world leading business analytics service. It provides interactive visualizations and business intelligence capabilities with an interface simple enough for business people to create their own reports and dashboards.

Power BI can also be embedded easily in your Front and Back Office applications for team and activity level visualization. Microsoft’s leading Intelligent Business Applications Platform includes AI and Machine Learning that will turn your data into eye popping insights beautifully presented.

Power BI is also part of the broader Microsoft Intelligent Business Applications Platform including AI and, Machine Learning.

Step 3 introduces 1Staff Planning

1Staff Planning

1Staff Planning will evolve your strategic, driver-based budgeting and forecasting, “what if” scenario planning, management and financial reporting to the next level. This solution resolves the weak, disparate, disconnected processes, file systems and spreadsheets that typically deliver plans, budgets and forecasts too late and too unwieldy to rely on. 1Staff Planning also works real time with Power BI to give actionable insights beyond the dashboard.

Benefits for our clients include:

  • Radically shortened budget cycle from weeks and months to days and hours.
  • Rolling budgets and forecasts without impacting on productivity.
  • Top-down and bottom-up plans aligning goals and targets while driving accountability and ownership.
  • Leveraging your Front Office data to drive more holistic plans.
  • Replacing risky spreadsheets with a single-source-of-truth.
  • Eliminating lengthy and untimely consolidations and updates from users and source systems.
  • Empower the business with a secure, robust self-service experience.
  • Much improved value added analysis e.g. “Why has margin dropped?”
    Introduce what-if, scenario modelling with drill down on cause and effect, to assess risk and opportunity.
  • Provide tracking and visibility to your processes
  • The flow-through benefit of Management Reporting and comparative analysis in a single integrated solution.

Want to find out more about Business Intelligence and your Staffing Software?

1Staff boosts efficiency, increases productivity, generates insights, maximizes margins, and improves cash flow. Whether you are looking for a full suite of functionality, or a robust front office or back office to integrate with your existing solution, 1Staff has you covered.

Is this solution the right fit for my business?

At Professional Advantage, we like to give our clients the right options. Our technology experts take the time to listen to and discuss your organization’s unique business requirements and then make their recommendations based on industry knowledge and years of experience implementing solutions across a variety of businesses.

If you are ready to start your journey to improved Business Intelligence and Planning capabilities, connect with us and we will work with your availability to take you on the first step of discovery.