Managed Services takes the complexity out of managing your IT infrastructure.

You could have all the support you need with our Managed IT Services team who can proactively manage and support your IT environment.

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Our Modern Approach to Managed Services

Our modern managed services approach blends our ENABLEMENT expertise to help you fully adopt and utilize the tools available in your Microsoft 365 and Azure licenses. Additionally, we offer helpdesk and cloud management SUPPORT, utilizing cutting-edge monitoring TOOLS.

What do you need from your Managed Services team?

Server & Desktop Management

Keep your servers and PCs running smoothly with scheduled maintenance.

What’s included:

  • Firmware updates
  • Critical OS patches
  • Hardware preventative maintenance
  • Azure, Hyper-V & VMWare management
  • Maintain the performance of Citrix & remote desktop
  • Desktop PC management
  • Vendor hardware maintenance

Proactive Monitoring & Reporting

Real-time resolution of critical issues before they impact.

What’s included:

  • Performance monitoring, alerting & preventative maintenance
  • CPU & RAM usage
  • Application stability
  • SQL & Exchange server performance
  • Windows services
  • Anti-virus
  • Network security
  • Storage/backup performance

Remote Support

Fix all the little things that annoy staff and management.

What’s included:

  • Telephone support
  • PC and laptop issue resolution
  • Mobile phone/tablet email issues
  • Application support for Microsoft Office, Exchange, Teams, SharePoint and OneDrive
  • Printing and file server issues
  • Office 365 issues

Security Management

Keep viruses out and prevent unsafe malware and ransomware.

What’s included:

  • Networking monitoring
  • VPN management
  • User password & identity management
  • Anti-virus & malware updates
  • Microsoft Security updates
  • Security policy management
  • Firewall management
  • Data loss prevention

Managed Services designed to support your modern workplace

Explore our range of Managed Services offerings.

1 | Cloud and Application Support Services

Take full advantage of Microsoft 365 to transform your business digitally. Our Modern MSP services include:

  • Microsoft 365 apps adoption and change management.
  • Microsoft 365 deployment, management, and monitoring.
  • SharePoint and Teams technical and end-user support.
  • Microsoft Azure management, security, and optimization.
  • Optional: Microsoft Dynamics business apps support.

    Cloud and Infrastructure
  • 2 | Managed Security Services

    Utilize Microsoft 365 and Azure’s security tools to guard your business against cyber threats. Our dedicated team of support engineers and security professionals will help to manage your:

  • Mail and web threats.
  • Mobile phone, laptop, and tablet security policies.
  • Identity and endpoint protection.
  • Cloud apps security.
  • Network and VPN monitoring.
  • User password and identity management.
  • Anti-virus and malware updates.
  • Microsoft Security updates.
  • Firewall management.
  • Microsoft Security Services

    3 | End-User/Desktop Services

    We keep an eye on your staff’s PCs to ensure they’re running smoothly and securely, covering:

  • Critical OS patches.
  • Risk / threshold alerts.
  • Hardware preventive maintenance.
  • Desktop PC management.
  • PC and laptop hardware issue resolution.
  • Mobile phone and tablet email issues.
  • Microsoft Azure Cloud Services

    Our Azure cloud experts can help you obtain seamless end-to-end cloud management. A Microsoft Azure Implementation can help reduce costs and increased levels of security.

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