Why 1Staff WebTime?

Fast and accurate time collection is critical for any on-time payroll run.

In Staffing this can be even more complex with temporaries on several jobs, varying week-ending dates and potentially multiple levels of approvals. With WebTime, 1Staff customers have a secure web-based or mobile capable solution built for the unique needs of staffing.

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As its name suggests, WebTime allows for the web based entry of employee and/or contractor time expenses, including supporting documents (i.e. receipts) as well as the importing of that time into 1Staff Back Office for payroll and invoicing. WebTime gives permission for approval by designated personnel through the mobile client, web, or via email.

At its core, Webtime was developed to save staffing companies from the headache’s that manual entry can cause – the time re-keying data, user error and sifting through paper timesheets.

  • Use of master data from 1Staff Back Office (avoids double-entry of
    master information and provides updates once a change is made in
  • Users are also able to run inquiries on timesheets and produce reports
  • Email notifications for missing timesheets or reminder
  • Webtime Notifications and Alerts – Alerts can be defined for a date range and emailed out. They can also appear in Webtime when a user logs in during the defined dates
  • Provide shift differentials for overtime
  • Restrict Pay Types – the ability to restrict pay types by assignment.
    Assignment A only has time worked, Assignment B has Time Worked
    and Expenses

What problems does Webtime help solve?

The Top 10 Features of 1Staff WebTime.

  • Entry of timesheet data over the internet
  • Online authorization of timesheet data
  • Seamless import into the 1Staff module for payroll and invoicing purposes
  • Extended control of user access & password management
  • Online timesheet data inquiry
  • Use of the master data from the 1Staff module
  • Email notification
  • Access for Temps and Vendors to view Pay History and Timecard History
  • Access for customers to view Invoices
  • Mobile access for Temp users & Approvers

Why 1Staff WebTime?

Getting time in is one thing, but getting time approved prior to needing to run payroll is just as important. Ensuring the time is approved prior to submission eliminates costly errors like overpayment and overbilling.

Multiple levels of approval.

Blanket approvers.

Internal or external WebTime users that can approve time for one or more customers

Approvers don’t have to approve an entire timesheet.

They can pick and choose which timesheet lines to approve.

Email approval.

Approvers don’t have to login to approve time timesheets. Timesheets in detail can be approved by clicking on a link in their email.

Select lines to export.

With WebTime you can granularly select lines to export and to export them in detail or summary. You could then export California customers in detail for daily OT calculations and others in summary.

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1Staff is a staffing software solution built specifically for the staffing industry. 1Staff 365 Front Office is powered by Microsoft Dynamics 365. 1Staff Back Office is built on Microsoft Dynamics GP

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