1Staff Back Office is a complete enterprise resource planning (ERP) solution built on Microsoft Dynamics GP.

Helping staffing organizations gain greater control over their financials and operations, allowing them to improve insight and better manage their primary business drivers.

1Staff Staffing Software powered by Microsoft

1Staff Back Office Staffing Software for your Staffing Agency built on Microsoft Dynamics.

Let 1Staff do the heavy lifting. With 1Staff Back Office and Microsoft Dynamics GP, you get a very powerful pay/bill and financial (GL/AP) solution tailored to the staffing industry. 1Staff will help your workforce capture their time, help finance smooth the pay/bill process and help the executive control and grow the business.

What are you looking for in your Back Office Staffing Software?

1Staff is a comprehensive complete solution which leverages the Microsoft platform.

Specifically designed for the staffing industry.

Built to fit the unique needs of the staffing industry, 1Staff is designed to fully leverage the Microsoft Dynamics platform. Tens of thousands of customers utilize the Microsoft Dynamics platform. You receive the benefit of Microsoft’s R&D investment while having a system tailored to the needs of the staffing industry.

Looking for a Middle Office or Back Office Staffing Solution for your organization? Have you outgrown your current solution, or are utilizing Microsoft Dynamics now?

Helping Staffing Firms Achieve More with 1Staff Back Office Staffing Software.


Advanced Pay/Bill System

1Staff powers payroll and invoicing for customers across 5 continents. Featuring built-in payroll for Canada and the United States.

  • You can also utilize other payroll systems or services such as ADP, Paychex or Paylocity.
  • From provincial taxes in Quebec, to local taxes in Ohio, we work with you to find the payroll processing option that best suit your business.
  • Multicurrency support for international operations and localized support for special staffing taxes in states and provinces like Pennsylvania and Victoria.

Merger & Acquisition Friendly

Scale your operations across North America, Canada, Europe and Asia Pacific with 1Staff Back Office:

  • Use one pay/bill and financial system for multiple Front Office solutions, including 1Staff Front Office.
  • Access built-in U.S. and Canadian payroll.
  • Select the payroll system of your choice outside of North America. Don’t let borders limit your expansion plans.

Complete Invoice Flexibility

Invoice thousands of clients electronically with a push of a button. Ensure even the most demanding requirements are met with client defined week-ending dates and:

  • Unlimited invoice frequencies and formats
  • Flexible invoice layouts & design, including the ability to attach timesheets and/or expenses with 1Staff Imaging
  • Multiple logos/layouts for your different brands

Maximize Your Margins

Would you like to know exactly what your margins are for a specific customer, job, and industry? Use our advanced margin analysis to focus your efforts in areas with the highest return.

Accurately forecast into the future and calculate commissions with reliable reporting. Revenue and margin forecasting based on:

  • Assignment start/expected end dates
  • Forecast hours
  • Pay and Bill rate
  • Burdens

Time Entry & Expense Collection.

Fast and accurate time collection is critical for any on-time payroll run. From mobile web timesheets with online approvals, to faxed timesheets, or VMS timesheets and time clock systems. 1Staff makes it quick and easy for your staffing business to enter time. Whether you’re in the field or need to upload multiple timesheets, 1Staff’s got you covered.

1Staff Back Office

Time is entered manually by an internal employee in Microsoft Dynamics GP. This is usually done for exceptions or for adjusting invoices.

Time Entry Express

Enter time from an electronic image of a signed timesheet so that timesheet can be attached to the invoice for customers requiring that level of supporting documentation.


With Webtime time and expenses including supporting documents (i.e. receipts) are entered through a mobile device or web browser.

Electronic File Import

Time from external systems such as Vendor Management Systems (VMS) or time clocks can be imported.

Excel Import

1Staff can generate Excel files with defined set of contractors for time entry. Often used for customers to enter time into a restricted spreadsheet or for internal employees to enter time for an office.

1Staff has you covered!

1Staff can process large volumes of transactions quickly and provides total flexibility over pay types by job, multiple units of time, and entry by piece/unit. Employees can also attach receipts.

Want to find out more about 1Staff Back office Staffing Software?

1Staff boosts efficiency, increases productivity, generates insights, maximizes margins, and improves cash flow. Whether you are looking for a full suite of functionality, or a robust front office or back office to integrate with your existing solution, 1Staff has you covered.