In today's fast-paced staffing industry, staying ahead of the curve is essential.

Microsoft 365 Copilot is your AI-powered ally, revolutionizing the way you work. Let's address the key factors that make Copilot the perfect choice for your staffing firm.

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Privacy: Protecting Your Corporate Data

Does Copilot Learn from My Data? Unlike many other AI engines, Microsoft 365 Copilot does not use your document content or the descriptions you write for broader machine learning consumption. When you send feedback or report content, Microsoft uses your input for feature improvements, but it doesn't directly impact the foundational AI models that Copilot is based on. So your corporate data remains within our own ecosystem, it does not spread/leak/bleed out into the open market.

Security: Your Data, Our Commitment

How is Microsoft Involved with ChatGPT? Microsoft has heavily invested in Open AI, the author of Chat GPT, and is its largest single shareholder. Microsoft and OpenAI collaborate to develop the underlying AI. Microsoft provides the supercomputing infrastructure that OpenAI services run on, ensuring robust security measures. This is an indication of the determination of Microsoft to adopt and democratize AI and machine learning throughout their ecosystem to drive paradigm shifts in personal and enterprise efficiency and productivity.

AI in Microsoft Products: Many Microsoft products have emerging built-in AI features with an extensive expansion on the roadmap. These features adhere to Microsoft's stringent security protocols.

Single AI engine across the company: Delivering Copilot across the complete Microsoft ecosystem gives companies a single, secure, predictable AI solution that addresses many of the concerns regarding risk, ethics and privacy that cannot be easily matched by a company adopting a proliferation of AI tools across isolated use case.

Ethics: Responsible AI in Action

What is Responsible AI? Responsible AI refers to AI that is designed, developed, and deployed while considering ethical, legal, and societal implications. This includes potential unintended consequences, transparency in decision-making, and respect for privacy. Responsible AI also emphasizes building trust, ensuring accountability, and preventing discrimination based on race, gender, or other protected characteristics.

Commercial Use of Content: Microsoft's terms do not claim ownership of content input by customers or content output by the service. However, users need to determine the IP rights they have in the output content and its commercial usability, considering their usage scenarios and relevant jurisdiction laws.

Risk: Empowering Your Workforce

Will AI Replace Me at Work? AI is not designed to replace humans in the workplace. While AI can make certain tasks more efficient, it cannot take over complex tasks that require human judgment, decision-making, and creativity. AI can assist in creating drafts of content, but human intervention is crucial for reviewing, editing, and approving the content AI produces.

Content Originality: Copilot generates content based on language patterns from the internet and a company's own data that it chooses to provide. As a result, its generic outputs might sometimes resemble existing internet content. For instance, multiple users prompting Copilot similarly might receive identical or nearly identical content. However its outputs from corporate data will exponentially improve work practices, knowledge sharing, skill transfer and job distribution within a company.

Unlock the potential of AI with Microsoft 365 Copilot and take your staffing firm to new heights. Embrace the future while safeguarding your data, ethics, and workforce.

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