1Staff Talent is the intuitive staffing and recruiting app from Professional Advantage.


1Staff Staffing Software powered by Microsoft

1Staff Mobile for Talent specifically built for Android and IOS.

Made exclusively for your mobile device it helps candidates easily and quickly search for jobs, view and complete assigned onboarding and credentialing tasks, maintain availability, preferences and documents. 1Staff Mobile has full seamless integration with 1Staff staffing software, with no latency and in real time.


What do you need from your mobile staffing software?

Your talent wants to find work fast on their device from any location.

As a staffing agency, you want your applicants to share the minimum details quickly and easily embark them on a long-lasting relationship.

1Staff Mobile is here to help!  With it’s intuitive app new applicants (users) can easily search for jobs with your staffing firm and create an account when they see something interesting.


Engage your talent any time, from anywhere

Built for Android and iOS

Unauthenticated job search and application

Self registration

Full seamless integration with 1Staff, no latency, real time

1Staff Mobile for Talent gives you talent engagement in one place for the full Staffing lifecycle.

As a job applicant I want to quickly see what's new and what I have to action.

As a staffing agency I want the job applicant to action and complete as much useful information as possible, I want them to be aware of opportunities, and to be engaged.

  • Easy intuitive biometric logins
  • Quick two step new user registration
  • Account Creation, Activity alerts and monitoring in 1Staff 365 Front Office
  • One place to Search, Onboard, update details

As a staffing agency I want the job seeker to self apply, to fill roles quickly.

  • Advanced search filters, including keyword, location, date, education
  • Self service application process Z Keep tabs on current applications
  • Job application creation, activity alerts and monitoring in 1Staff Front Office

Staff Mobile for Talent provides straightforward onboarding and credentialing.

As a job applicant I want to complete any onboarding tasks quickly and efficiently from my device from any location I so I can be placed on time.

As a staffing agency I want the job applicant to self onboard, and I want to track and assess my applicant's suitability for the role ensuring all necessary gates are complete for an effective placement.

  • Complete assigned Onboarding tasks
  • View completed tasks
  • Launch tasks with eSign, and integrations such as Background Checks, Test Assessments
  • Compliance and Onboarding, Activity alerts and monitoring in 1Staff 365 Front Office

Maintain availability, preferences, details and documents with 1Staff Mobile for Talent.

As an employee I want to keep my details up to date, see what information I have shared, and share my resume so the staffing business can place me sooner.

As a staffing agency I want the employee details kept up to date as much as possible, this helps us place them and keep them engaged.

  • Self maintain details and preference
  • Add pull down documents
  • Set availability
  • Updates, Activity alerts and monitoring in 1Staff 365 Front Office

Creating surveys and messaging with 1Staff Mobile for Talent.

As an employee I want to quickly interact to get information with minimal fuss from my device.

As an employee I want simple intuitive ways to share my feedback.

  • Bidirectional texting
  • Intuitive easy to use Surveys including Satisfaction and NPS scoring and intelligence
  • On demand or automated as part of core staffing processes

Want to find out more about 1Staff Mobile for Talent?

1Staff boosts efficiency, increases productivity, generates insights, maximizes margins, and improves cash flow. Whether you are looking for a full suite of functionality, or a robust front office or back office to integrate with your existing solution, 1Staff has you covered.

What are you looking for in your Mobile Staffing Software?

1Staff is a comprehensive complete solution which leverages the Microsoft platform.

Background Checks

Job Boards

Match Bot

Portals & Mobile

Resume Parsing

Security Roles

SharePoint Secure Storage

Text Messaging


Workflow Management