1Staff eSign is a quick and easy e-signature and process automation solution.

From ‘Office Space’ to ‘Any space’. 1Staff eSign allows you to sign documents, where ever you may be.

With just one click you can electronically sign documents from any device from any location and there’s no need for printing or scanning.

1Staff Staffing Software powered by Microsoft

1Staff eSign is powered by AlphaTrust, a global expert in electronic signatures and document process automation. Companies like General Motors, Pfizer, Metlife, Paylocity, ADP, AT&T and Oracle rely on AlphaTrust for electronic document signatures.

1Staff eSign is more than just electronic signatures.



Automate your paperwork.


Fully compliant with applicable laws and regulations around the world.


Brand it your way.


Track the status of your documents.


Can be utilized independently, or is fully integrated with 1Staff Front Office.

Driving efficiencies and compliance in daily processes is part of every executive’s remit these days. One of those “low hanging fruit” is getting documents signed and cosigned by people both within and outside the company.

Manual signing is fraught with error and delay and too much time can be spent in coordinating the process.

How is your business doing document signing?

Signing documents through an electronic service brings compliance, speed, transparency and confidence to the process from end to end. 1Staff eSign can quickly and safely process single ad-hoc documents such as employee hiring, more complex multi-party documents like contracts and be integrated into your software applications to automate the creation and signature process required for transactional and relationship management.

1Staff eSign from Professional Advanatge compares strongly to well known signature solutions and includes the following features.

  • Ability to cancel/redraw signature request
  • Ability for a signatory to specify the name and email address of an alternative signatory
  • Mobile workflow and signing
  • Webforms to capture structured data as input to document for signing
  • Signed documents stored in secure historian
  • Returns signed document for internal storage
  • Signed documents can be routed to a separate CC: recipient
  • Ability to insert clauses and data fields from other systems onto document through API integration
  • Signed documents converted to un-editable PDFs
  • Workflow controls including reminder emails
  • Automated status updates within 1Staff Front Office for recipient signatures & document completion through API integration. Accelerating a staffing firm with electronic onboarding and compliance processes
  • Multiple documents included in one signing process are billed as a single item
  • Ability to control uploaded attachment file types and sizes
  • Client can brand documents solely with own logos
  • Clients can brand multiple entities separately
  • Clients can define separate email templates by entity
  • Clients can solely display their own brand on the data and signing screens
    (eg no mandatory supplier logo displayed)
  • Operational product training and support services provided
  • Actual usage billed monthly in arrears
  • Actual usage invoice broken down by individual client brand for easy cost allocation
  • Cloud solution
  • Regulatory compliance
  • Signature history and audit
  • Client managed user, role and access management control
  • Manual/human interaction (eg document on demand)
  • Published API for application integration using predefined templates
  • Create reusable document templates
  • Templates can be prefilled through API integration
  • Capture additional data other than signature on the document
  • Multiple signing parties
  • Signature workflow with email reminders

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