Focus on what is important. Automate the rest with Professional Advantage, 1Staff and Microsoft Power Automate.

Humans excel at creative and strategic thinking, but we spend much of our time performing repetitive and manual tasks.

This whitepaper is for anyone who uses a PC in their day-to-day work and could benefit from automating repetitive tasks.

In this whitepaper, you will learn how Power Automate puts the power of intelligent automation into everyone’s hands—from citizen developers and business users to professional developers alike—to seamlessly build automated solutions with enhanced security in a single, low-code, user-friendly platform.

Download this whitepaper to learn how to unlock human potential through automation, and how Microsoft and Professional Advantage are bringing “Intelligent Automation for All” to life through Microsoft Power Automate.

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How can Professional Advantage and automation make a difference for your business? 

Common scenarios and capabilities of Power Automate:

  • Automate repetitive tasks, like moving data from one system to another.
  • Guide a user through a process so they can complete the different stages.
  • Connect to external data sources via one of the hundreds of connectors or directly via an API.
  • Automate desktop-based and website processes with robotic process automation (RPA) capabilities.
  • Orchestrate processes end-to-end and trigger micro-services.
  • Send automatic reminders for past-due tasks.
  • Move business data between systems on a schedule.
  • Use process mining to identify bottlenecks and opportunities for automation.
  • Automate tasks on your local computer like computing data in Excel.

Let’s make your business process automation easy!

1Staff by Professional Advantage is a staffing software solution that fully leverages the Microsoft Dynamics platform. Providing an all-in-one solution for staffing and recruiting companies. Filling jobs and keeping your company fresh in client’s minds can be a difficult task. 1Staff empowers your team to deliver results with a wide array of tools covering Marketing, Recruitment, Analytics, and Operations.

The engine behind 1Staff is the Microsoft Power Platform and Microsoft Power Automate. This helps Staffing and Recruiting businesses automate their manual business processes in the most hassle-free, cost[1]effective, and quickest way possible. Intelligent automations can be seamlessly augmented with 1Staff providing a compound return on investment and allowing you to maintain your competitive edge.

We have an unmatched understanding and experience of Microsoft Power Platform and its full potential when integrated into 1Staff and your other existing Microsoft software investments such as Dynamics 365, Teams, SharePoint, or Power BI. Combined with our proven implementation methodology, we help you save on IT costs and mitigate your project risks by delivering your project right the first time!

As a Microsoft Cloud Solutions Partner and a Tier 1 CSP, we have the expertise, experience, and infrastructure to support your end-to-end software, services, and support needs. This is something unique to only a few Microsoft Solutions Partners that offer comprehensive IT services!