Staffing World 2021 at the Gaylord Rockies Resort & Convention Center, Denver.

Staffing World 2021.

Staffing World 2021. 1Staff Staffing Software Booth.

Microsoft Staffing Software. 1Staff Booth Staffing World.

1Staff Staffing Software at Staffing World 2021.

Jonathan Marcer and Mike Hanson at Staffing World 2021.

1Staff Staffing Software at Staffing World.


With a passion and interest for disruptive business practices, ideas, and innovations, Jonathan plays a key role in partnering and enabling Staffing and Recruitment enterprises, by helping them achieve more through technology with Professional Advantage’s enterprise staffing solution, 1Staff.

1Staff is a world-class, cloud-based, front-to-back office staffing & recruiting software solution that leverages the Microsoft Dynamics 365 and Dynamics GP platform.

Jonathan specializes in intelligent business operations, organizational innovation, process design and business transformation and is an experienced business improvement campaigner and practitioner. As an advocate for organizational innovation, Jonathan has spoken at numerous events, including the CFO Symposium and CPA run seminars. With over 20 years at Professional Advantage, he brings a range of experiences and knowledge leveraging current and past roles from solutions delivery to financial director, IT, project and professional services management, with a focus on improving business performance always being a constant thread throughout.


Upon completion, participants will be able to:

  • Know the key components of the Microsoft Power Platform
  • Discover what intelligence business process automation is and how Microsoft is driving digital transformation in the staffing industry.
  • Find resources and tips to start their journey to digital transformation
  • Start your journey of improvement


At Staffing World in September, we at 1Staff will share why Microsoft is the leader and shaper of digital transformation, the results it is delivering and why it matters to Staffing.

During these momentous times digital transformation is key. Across the staffing industry, we hear about the struggle to transform from a reactive to proactive organization that can respond to changes in the market, customer needs, and within their own business.

The technology choices your staffing firm makes can dictate the outcome, your future. The right platform can enable efficiencies within your staffing business, create new models to differentiate your products and services, allow you to work virtually in new markets, grow, despite constraints, reaching new clients and talent.

Microsoft have seen incredible growth of Dynamics 365, a group of cloud-based applications for managing everything from Marketing Automation, Sales, ATS, and other operations and the Power Platform, “intelligent business process automation as a first-class platform.” just in the past year.

Microsoft has allocated hundreds of millions of dollars in our business cloud that power business transformation across markets and industries and help organizations solve difficult problems. Staffing is no exception.

At Staffing World in September, we will go dive into these innovative solutions. What are they, how they can it make a difference, why they’re relevant to small to enterprise business and guide you on where to start.

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