As a VP of Sales your main goal is clear: increase sales and grow revenue. You can’t do it alone or even with just a few top sales people though. How do you create a sales environment where your entire team can perform as well as your superstar salespeople? Create a high-performing sales culture.

First, know what makes your superstar a top performer and what he or she did to achieve this, next create an environment where the rest of the team can replicate excellent sales behavior. Finally, utilize tools to monitor your strategy.

Understand the Focus of Your Salespeople

When we look at performance, we tend to look at output as the main focus. While one employee might hit a target most of the time, another employee might exceed that target every month. The first employee might need the right kind of market or client to make it work. The second employee seems lucky in any market with any client.

The key factor in output here is where each salesperson is applying their efforts. These two employees might be focused on different aspects of the sale. Regular sales coaching can assist employees in identifying where they should focus their strengths.

Sales managers can study sales performance data to identify areas that need more focus in the sales process of an individual rep. Transparency can be crucial to not only understanding salespeople’s skills but to motivating the rest of the team.

Not every salesperson is innately a superstar, but with the right amount of data-driven coaching and transparency anyone can improve performance and increase sales.

Build a High-Performing Culture


A bit of competition is healthy, and in fact it’s essential to a high-performing sales culture. Leaderboards and competitions based on realistic sales goals can create a genuinely high-energy environment from within. Goals can be determined using a software or sales tool.


Process created out of data-driven results is key but when outputs are waning top sales managers must be able to embrace a more agile sales process when needed. Adaptability and flexibility and agile processes create a culture where managers and employees are encouraged to think on their feet and adapt to the reality of the situation and the customer base.

Utilize Tools

Establishing goals and monitoring salespeople’s performance isn’t a novel idea but many sales managers still struggle with finding the right software to link sales with the rest of their marketing and business plans. A software such as Microsoft Dynamics CRM will let you establish goals and targets then leverage graphs and dashboards to monitor your team’s performance.

You can also easily create and adapt recruiting and sales processes and monitor each stage and Identify and eliminate bottlenecks in your system by tracking the steps or people that slow down the process.


The benefit of creating a culture where you can hire average performers and coach them into positions as high performers saves cost in hiring over time. It’s not uncommon for sales managers to be resistant to hiring the lone wolf salesperson since they can detract from a collaborative sales environment, meanwhile those who develop skills alongside their team can experience increased collaboration.

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