Here are our ‘Top Cybersecurity Tips’ for the upcoming holiday season.

Don't use weak passwords

Still using birthdays or consecutive numbers like 123456? Use complex passwords and don’t use the same password across several sites, apps, or devices.

Ensure that a website is secured

Access sites with HTTPS before giving away your sensitive information such as your credit card or bank account details.

Recognize impersonated emails

Probe when an email is suspiciously written or is asking you to perform an unusual activity, such as validating your bank account or changing your email password.

Only connect to networks that you trust

Hackers can imitate legitimate free wi-fi networks offered by establishments to hack your device. Wait until you can connect to a trusted network.

Activate multi-factor authentication

A secondary device to verify your identity can stop hackers from progressing their attack. Many apps and platforms have MFA. Turn it on for your safety.

Update your device's operating system

Make sure you have the latest security patches by updating your OS regularly.

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Is your business protected against these cyber threats?


Data Breach

Security incident where data was accessed or stolen from your organization without your knowledge or approval.


Spoofing email sent to everyone that appears to come from a legitimate source but is actually from someone else.


Malicious software that locks your PC and prevents you from getting access to your data until you pay a demanded ransom.


Designed to steal sensitive information or spread spam via email by tricking a person into installing certain software.

Malicious Insiders

Rogue employees who have malicious intent to steal your data or damage your business’ reputation.

Shadow IT

Unapproved applications that are unknown to IT being used by employees that introduces security risks.

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