The 2017 SIA Executive Forum held in sunny San Diego last week delivered another knowledge-rich and enlightening event. Whilst, there was a lot of discussion regarding the changes and developments in leadership, staffing and the economy; a plethora of buzz topics were on hand around staffing and technology.

Some of the common themes discussed by panels of C-level leaders included software scale-ability, talent relationship management and data-driven analysis. Each of these topics is equally important when procuring new technology.

Scale-ability reflected the growth staffing agencies are predicted to be experiencing in 2017. More organizations want scale-ability and flexibility in technology growth, to allow them to invest in technology appropriate for their current size, and to expand as their business expands.

Talent relationship management is critical for agencies to meet their clients’ requirements. Agencies are relying heavily on automated, volume marketing to reach the widest audience and then to eventually uncover the best talent.

Data-driven analysis is allowing agencies to make important business decisions based on facts about their business.

We identified the most important theme underpinning technology was managing change, one of the first sessions of the event. Introducing new technologies, new efficiency, new visibility and new ways of collaboration can often create an environment of uncertainty within an organization. Managing change was identified as one of the critical factors to successful implementations.

We look forward to the 2018 event to explore the evolution of the dynamic staffing industry.

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