Vendor Management System (VMS) business is a vital part of many a staffing firm’s portfolio.


While VMS business is competitive and low margin it offers volume and access to key clients. However, VMS also puts a spotlight on a staffing companies own processes and systems as typically its own internal processes often must mirror those of the VMS. There are many integration points and key system needs to do VMS business well. Done badly they can take away the tight margins and put a strain on business viability. Indeed, some staffing firms avoid VMS business for exactly these reasons.

What does 1Staff offer to streamline these processes?

Here are 7 reasons why 1Staff for VMS business?

1Staff has out of the box integration to VMS Job aggregation service, JobRobotix.

This provides rules-based data parsing which can seamlessly integrates with VMS and indeed MSP applications. No longer will your staff need to monitor multiple websites, emails, upload files or manually enter data job data. All data can be collected and delivered to 1Staff ATS, CRM, JobBoards, and social media streams in minutes. The JobRobotix platform requires no additional programming or special skills, which makes the process of adding new providers both streamlined and simple. The 1Staff stand up time to integrate this service is hours and JobRobotix can then start feeding VMS & MSP data in a matter of minutes.

1Staff can hold the VMS tracking reference on all time and expense data.

This provides traceability all the way through to the Customer Account Accounts receivable process where any inbound receipt can be searched against and matched. This vital reference can alleviate the significant burden of reconciliation most staffing businesses endure. In some cases, there is a dedicated desk or team existing merely to address this overhead.

The VMS fee or rebate can be automatically calculated and accounted for.

The VMS fee is a cost of doing business and so important to quantify and track, but it also need to be factored in any reconciliation with the future customer payment.

1Staff Front Office also provides a rich API layer to handle all VMS business digitally.

1Staff can exploit VMS API’s, pass candidates, receive back notifications and approvals, and streamline the fill and onboarding process.

1Staff Back Office can handle the diverse time and expense formats.

VMS can send, Beeline, IQNavigator, Fieldglass, for example, or any format that you can pull down from the VMS system directly. It can hold a profile that transforms the transaction data and map it straight through for a streamlined pay bill.

1Staff can also easily mix and match VMS Customers and Assignments with other business.

Take for example billing. In one single streamlined billing run 1Staff can generate and distribute Invoices to its non-VMS Customers and handle the posting and internal documentation needs for VMS business where the customer self-bills and no invoice is required from the Staffing business itself.

VMS Key KPI's and Metrics.

It is vital that a staffing business can monitor the key KPI’s and metrics, fills, margin, rebates, on a timely and accurate basis. 1Staff comes with a pop-up data warehouse. Pop up because as soon as 1Staff transact data is available for margin analysis, to slice and dice, drill down and around on.

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