Have you been enjoying the full benefits of Microsoft 365 for empowering modern work in your office? Or are you using it mainly for key workloads like e-mail, online meetings, and chat, but are now wondering what else you can achieve with Microsoft 365?

There is a bunch of apps and services available that you have probably explored and some that you may not be fully aware of.

Microsoft 365 doesn’t just help you strengthen team collaboration or simplify communication. It also helps you to manage tasks and track their progress efficiently. Your typical Microsoft 365 subscription comes with ToDo, Planner, and Lists for task management. It also comes with Power Apps, a low-code app development platform to help you rapidly innovate and build apps unique to your business process automation needs.

But because Microsoft 365 is one mammoth of a cloud platform, it probably would take someone that lives and breathes Microsoft 365 to actualize its full potential.

We understand that not everyone would have the time or the capacity to understand Microsoft 365 deeply, so we have put together an eBook introducing you to some of the tools that will take your modern work to the next level.

Download the eBook: Microsoft 365: How the pros do it – A guide to taking Modern Work to the next level

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Uncover the tools that will help you achieve your business goals around:

  • Simplifying communication and strengthening team collaboration.
  • Managing tasks and their progress more efficiently.
  • Streamlining and automating business processes.
  • Achieving a secure and compliant work-from-anywhere workstyle.

Discover actionable steps and practical tips to start using the apps for building a modern workplace.

Learn directly from our field experience how to maximize your Microsoft 365 adoption efforts.