What type of transformation should you expect from your business?

We’ve been helping staffing firms with technology for the last 15 years.  No one is more excited about transformation, and we have seen a lot.

So what happens to your business when you transition manual tasks to automated ones?  When you move the focus from getting the data into the siloed systems, many times, to having data drive automated workflow for all manner of staffing processes?

Your teams will transform. They will deliver to you a greater volume of more valuable, revenue generating tasks.

Front Office Transformation                

Many of 1Staff’s clients free up their front office teams from manual processing and as a result can get more done.  They particularly see growth when their teams have more time for high value activities like client and candidate contact and less time on paperwork like credentialing and onboarding, re-keying data and manually completing admin.

Back Office Transformation

For 1Staff’s back office clients many of their finance team members are moving into processing data in an automated way, like automatic journal entries.  Back office automation frees them to work with the business.  Armed with accurate data and advanced reporting and analytical powers, they’re now advising the business and supporting growth and decision making.

Compliance and Onboarding Transformation

For the compliance and onboarding teams, they are no longer living in fear of an audit and focused on manually reminding, checking and rechecking. Nor do they continue to live in a world whereby the threat of a class action is a reality.

Compliance transformation allows teams to focus on keeping up to date with ever-changing regulations, and updating workflows in 1Staff. 1Staff then trains the recruiters to be compliant, without the recruiter needing to sit through training and to remember the latest nuances in regulations.

Onboarding transformation allows teams to add value to recruiters and work collaboratively. All credentialing and onboarding is system driven with the automated controls ensuring the vastly different requirements, policies and procedures of clients are followed.  Every. Single. Time.

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