The staffing industry is fiercely competitive. It’s a never-ending race to add highly qualified talent and secure new customers.  Staying one step ahead of the competition is key to long term growth and industry leaders are leveraging marketing technology to win the race. 1Staff has successfully helped staffing firms attract and nurture leads and communicate efficiently with candidates and clients alike through its partnership with the ClickDimensions’ marketing automation solution.

The power of communicating targeted and timely content, which is captured within 1Staff’s CRM, ensures your firm’s content remains relevant and welcomed by your different audiences.

Below are the top five marketing automation features 1Staff customers enjoy:

  1. Email marketing. Email marketing is a marketing standard, but for good reason. Email use will top three billion users by 2020, according to research from the Radicati Group. The email marketing tools can help you create great-looking emails (with no coding skills required) and send highly targeted and personalized messages to reach specific audiences.

  2. Campaign automation. When candidates and clients express interest in working with your firm in the future, you can keep these prospects warm with dynamic and automated campaigns that respond to individual interactions with your campaigns.

  3. Web forms and landing pages. The web form and landing page features within the marketing automation solution can help you easily set up gated content so you can generate leads from your content marketing efforts.

  4. Surveys. Listening to your clients and candidates becomes very simple through satisfaction and other easy-to-create surveys. You also have the option to send out the surveys via email or SMS messaging to reach your audience based on their preferences.

  5. Reporting. Marketers today are more than ever tasked with reporting on results and ROI. Reporting on your results and ROI is one of the most important functions that 1Staff customers use. You can now understand and report on the results of your marketing activities and conversions to ensure you have your finger on your marketing pulse.

ClickDimensions marketing automation complements the Microsoft Dynamics 365 platform and therefore integrates very easily into all relevant parts of 1Staff. 1Staff customers enjoy visibility and transparency for better decision making and marketing action.

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