Are you tracking your temporary employee pay that is associated with the Coronavirus Pandemic?

Wondering where to start? Professional Advantage has developed a solution that will do just that. This COVID-19 customization was engineered for 1Staff Back Office and Microsoft Dynamics GP customers, and helps to organize pay, premium pay, and rebate pay in a way to identify and differentiate to other pay types.

The government legislation impacts staffing organizations in different ways. For example, staffing organizations associated with healthcare might require reporting standards differently than those staffing organizations that focus on food and beverage.

Healthcare workers might receive hazard pay that might need to be identified as separate premiums on top of their base hourly pay. In contrast, the food and beverage industry might require tracking retention of workers in order to receive a rebate after initial loan proceeds from the Paycheck Protection Program of the Small Business Administration.

In response to the pandemic Professional Advantage has developed a solution that is versatile enough to address the needs of specific staffing industries. The solution is a custom fit product that encompasses both process and reporting tracking pay, premiums and rebates.

COVID Pay Tracking

For staffing companies tracking Coronavirus pay, the recommended approach is to create a separate pay type. Companies can then easily distinguish between the COVID Pay Type and the Regular Pay Type. The COVID pay type should have all the same features of a regular pay type, but this pay type will be used for reporting and organizing pay history.

COVID Premium and Rebate Tracking

Some industries might pay a COVID hazard pay. This pay type is a premium or shift differential that will add additional pay to a base hourly. Professional Advantage has created an embedded Dynamics GP application which uses the COVID hazard pay type to process temporary employee timesheet lines. The requirement for the hazard pay to be processed is to include this premium pay amount as an exception rate within the job the temporary works in.

Reporting COVID Pay

Microsoft Dynamics GP offers many different reporting platforms. Some of these platforms include SSRS, Smartlists, Navigation Lists, 1Staff Analytics and 1Staff Planning. By using the COVID Pay Tracking and COVID Premium and Rebate Tracking methods, including the COVID pay into already existing report analysis could require alteration to an already existing report.

SBA Loans

As you’re probably already aware The Small Business Administration (SBA) is offering a Paycheck Protection Program (PPP) to provide relief for small businesses that meet the United States Federal Government’s criteria. Every lender might have different requirements, but Professional Advantage can help your team with identifying where to pull this information. Some of the already discussed requirements include employee headcount, employee year-to-date gross wages, and employee retention.

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