Why do you need Release Management?


One significant advantage of using a cloud software-as-a-service application is you are always on the latest version. This means new features and software fixes are always available.

Microsoft will do two major releases each year, in April and October, as well as minor releases between these times, and all these updates are compulsory. A release updates you to the latest ‘version’. Major releases include new functionality, improvements to existing functionality and fixes, and minor releases include fixes.

Microsoft’s releases upgrade the out-of-the-box Business Central, and third party, certified applications will also follow the same release cycle as Microsoft. If you have customizations, or custom Extensions, these sit outside the core Business Central solution and do not get updated by the Microsoft update.

These releases are very different in nature to the upgrades you would be used to on your on-premises applications. They don’t require the traditional ‘big’ upgrade projects that require significant investment in time, money, and change management. The Business Central updates are small and are marketed as happening automatically in the background. Which they do, and there are all sorts of advantages to this.

Whilst there are significant advantages to this form of updates, they are still updating the production environment of a business-critical system and deserve some attention. This is more relevant if you have integrations and custom extensions. As each major release also comes with new features, it is best practice to be up to date on what these are, and if they could benefit you.

What is included within Release Management?

At PA, we schedule the release dates.

We create a sandbox environment to test existing solutions including extensions.

From this we can identify any errors or concerns with compatibility or code, and resolve them.

We review this all with the client.

The live or production update is scheduled.

The update happens, and we manage any issues that may arise.

Successful rollout of production environment is confirmed.

We assist with minor release when required.

Want to find out more?

Download our Release Management Infographic.

With our Professional Advantage Release Management service, we've got you covered when it comes to managing those two major releases from Microsoft every year. We make sure to apply the best practices to each release so that your Microsoft Dynamics 365 Business Central solution is always in top-notch shape, maintaining its full potential.

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