Full Job Description

Fully Remote. Project Manager / Engagement Leader.

Company Overview

Committed to successful outcomes, Professional Advantage has delivered business improvements through Financial Management Software, Business Intelligence, ERP Systems, CRM Software, Retail Systems, BPM, Infrastructure and Collaboration software solutions to over 1000 clients. We strive to streamline the operations and contribute to the growth of our clients through our software solutions and their enhancement. Hiring the very best staff is critical to ours and our clients’ success.

Person Overview

Self-Sufficient, Confident, Diligent and highly Motivated - these are some of the qualities we look for in people. You are a go-getter, who can turn requirements into realities. Our employees are people who love what they do for a living, and want to work for a company where they are given the opportunity to excel.

Essential: You are a go-getter, able to see what needs to happen and then make it happen.

You should be able to;

  • Architect business process and people excellence in the Implementation Planning phase.
  • Ensure business process and people excellence in delivery.
  • Take overall responsibility for a successful implementation team working environment and open communication.
  • Be on time, on budget, to deliver quality project implementations, and take overall project delivery responsibility.
  • Produce and manage project plans.
  • QA of the required implementation documents and ensure that all responsibilities and assumptions are stored and definitive.
  • Maintain scope control and change management.
  • Identify and pursue all sign-offs that affect milestones.
  • Manage problem resolution.
  • Identify, delegate and control resources involved in resolution.
  • Project costing, estimating and billing.
  • Manage internal and external project resources.
  • Development and contribution to the PA Methodology
  • Contribution to the management of the Consulting Team
  • Complete project reviews
  • Ensure client referrals.
  • Good understanding of development implementations
  • Be proactive in your project management technique and identify or anticipate issues and rectify them before they become problems.
  • MS Project proficient
  • MS Visio proficient

A background in Financial Software or Accounting would be desirable.


Email your resume and cover letter to careers@professionaladvantage.com